Utilizing a custom instrument called (as one might expect), a ‘Terrafon’, the performers ‘play’ the Earth beneath them. Brought to us by the artistic duo Olle Corneer Martin Lübcke.

A traditional ensemble picks up an enormous tone arm and transducer and, through back-breaking labor, drag it across arable fields. It’s part sound art and performance, part agriculture. But it certainly counts as a gramophone – it’s just a really big one that reads the grooves of the earth.

Video is here: http://vimeo.com/5075042/ 4 minutes on a loop. Performed by the Alunda Church Choir, conducted by Cantor Jan Hällgren.

(I have chosen to not embed it because the player code is not W3C compliant, and if you follow the link to Vimeo you will be able to watch it in HD instead.)
via Create Digital Music