So much has changed that it’s almost not even worth discussing. My life is beginning to unwind in interesting ways, but in good ways. Like taking one old shirt, unraveling the threads, and knitting seven new socks, I’ve begun to let my life splinter into new, self-contained forms. Naturally, my internet presence has had to change accordingly.

This blog is devoid of content, and yet I cherish it so much. Like a hobbyist carving wooden ducks in his garage, I tweak it for a few minutes every week or so. It’s as though I’m building the trophy case for the trophies I only imagine I’ll be winning. Maybe instead it’s a unvarnished pinewood coffin, but I’ll keep it all the same.

Twitter was a failure. The medium necessitates the transmission of ideas with limited meaning. Most of what I have to say is just pollution.

On the other hand, Twitter lends itself well to another project I’ve been contemplating. I’m happy to announce The Daily Human, to be comprised of small nothings posted once per day. My obsession with time has caused me to think deeper about how I move through life, and the goal is to foster new ways to look at the world around me. I’m happy to say that I think it’s been working quite well so far.

I’m working for a wonderful company called Vodori here in Chicago, learning all sorts of new things about the web. It’s surely a bit naïve to say “I couldn’t be happier,” however I think it’s quite reasonable for me to say that “I’ve never been happier.” These last few days have been among the best in my life. Really, I can’t remember a time when 45-65℉ cloudless blue skies didn’t make me exceedingly content.