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Flapi version 0.3 has been released.
See the GitHub project page for more information.

As well, a screencast has been created which explains some of the functionality that the tool provides.

Recent Thoughts

Knitting Socks From a Shirt

So much has changed that it’s almost not even worth discussing. My life is beginning to unwind in interesting ways, but in good ways. Like taking one old shirt, unraveling the threads, and knitting seven new socks, I’ve begun to let my life splinter into new, self-contained forms. Naturally, my internet presence has had to change accordingly.

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Visualizing the 2010-2011 Orchestra Seasons, Part 3

The Oregon Symphony, based in Portland, represents the upper range of community orchestras in this survey. Since they began recording in the 1980’s their notoriety has increased, even leading to a Grammy nomination in 2003. I like their sound, and their connections to the local community. Their $15 million budget seems silly next to CSO’s $60 million, but that’s just the reason I’ve selected them here. I believe them to be at the top of their class. To be honest, I don’t really know anything else beyond that, so let’s look at the numbers!

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Visualizing the 2010-2011 Orchestra Seasons, Part 2

Continuing my exploration of the music currently being programmed by leading orchestras, I’m going to focus next on the Philadelphia Orchestra.

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Visualizing the 2010-2011 Orchestra Seasons, Part 1

When I first moved to Chicago, I was excited about being able to go to as many of the CSO’s concerts as I could afford. However, when I looked over the season brochure I instantly let loose my usual complaint: not enough contemporary music. Then I paused. “Wait a minute. Is this unfounded? Is my bias creating a misinterpretation?” The concert schedule certainly seems to suggest that my suspicions were correct, but I decided a more rigorous investigation was required. And so, I began collecting data.

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Kitchen Magic 5 - UFO Pizza Rolls

Back in the beginning of the summer I decided to do a little more experimentation with what has become my favorite kitchen implement: the flavor injector. I had been eying these mini pitas in the supermarket for a few weeks, but I couldn’t decide what to do with them. After a particularly debilitating craving for bagel bites I thought I might try and make my own pizza rolls. Think Totinos, or other similar products.

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